Join us in Stockholm!

Are you facing organisational agility and cultural transformation challenges? Are you willing to stretch your beliefs, open your mind and learn from the most innovative actors in Sweden? If yes… you are welcome!

Fabric is organising a Learning Expedition in Stockholm on 29-31 August for partners and customer to explore social and business innovation happening in Sweden. Only 6 places are still available!

Why Stockholm?
Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative nations, and it has been called the most digitally connected economy. Swedes are early adopters of new technology and the country’s nonhierarchical society creates a fertile environment for new ideas. Generations of innovation have led to a long list of world-changing inventions like the three-point seatbelt, the pacemaker, the adjustable wrench and safety matches. Sweden is the birthplace of a remarkable number of successful innovative companies, such as H&M, Ikea, Spotify, Skype, Ericsson, Electrolux or Volvo. And small companies that are embodying the most interesting innovation.

Who we will visit?
Companies and professionals who can share an innovative experience in the field of: Self Management and organisational agility, wholeness and well-being at work, purpose-centric business models

What are the key ingredients?
Company visits, presentations, debriefing sessions, social time. Every session is designed and facilitated to generate learning. We will share our own experiences in order to create value on both sides. An inspirational journey to widen our perspectives, learn from what’s happening in Sweden in our field, share our own experiences, and bring home new ideas for more agile and living organisation. 

Who will participate?
Fabric core team, clients and partners. In total about 12 people eager to learn and share, passionate and highly experienced about teams transformation, organisational agility, self-management and collective intelligence.

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