Our commitments

Our commitments

Fabric is B CORP certified

Fabric has been a certified B Corp since August 2022.

Since its inception, Fabric’s goal has been to provide services that harness the power of collective intelligence to empower the people we work with, from our clients to our employees to our partners. Today, B Corp certification recognizes Fabric’s commitment to make a positive impact on both the environment and our communities.

B Corp

What is B Corp?

B Corp certification means that Fabric meets B Lab’s high standards for social and environmental impact. Our B Lab audit score is publicly available and we are committed to continuous improvement. You can view our score online here.

What does B Corp mean to our stakeholders?

We exist to make a positive impact: Fabric has been a “Entreprise à Mission” (“mission-driven company”, a French special status) since 2021, which means that beyond our values, we have chosen to enshrine in our legal status a commitment to social and environmental goals.
We are committed to the environment: Our service activity is by definition less energy intensive than an industrial activity, but this does not prevent us from thinking about our environmental impact. For example, we offset the carbon footprint of all our travel through the EcoTree association, and we have chosen an office building that meet high standards of water and energy conservation.
We are committed to our communities: we ensure that we make the most positive impact on the lives of our customers, partners, and employees. Whether it’s through collaborative co-construction formats, democratic decision making, or profit sharing, our commitment is expressed in very concrete ways.

Thank you!

It is thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients, the daily commitment of our teams, and the support of our partners that we can create a more sustainable future together. Thanks to you!


Certified B Corp companies are a global community committed to an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Learn more here.

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