Fabric brings decades of experience in the fields of collective intelligence and self-organisation to the table, through a highly diverse and international team.
Mickael Drouard picture

I am driven by one question: How to concretely bring collective intelligence and empowerment into daily practice in organisations? Over the last 15 years I have learned and developed highly efficient ways to do it.

Mickael Drouard


Chloé Grabli picture

I am contributing to generate a future of work desirable for people, organisations and society. I include diversity and connect polarities that are too often split apart : science & humanity, freedom & constrains, profit & ethics, local & global, preservation & creativity, digital & human.

Chloé Grabli


Eric-Axel Zimmer

Thanks to North American and European background, I hope to bring more effective and thoughtful ways of working to companies by integrating diversity into higher levels of meaning.

Eric-Axel Zimmer


Pierre-Louis Picture

What drives me is to help teams and organizations to find a way to stop the huge waste of energy and value that they undergo and to set up virtuous modes of collaboration that allow each person’s potentials to thrive and to contribute to a collective purpose.

Pierre-Louis de Rohan Chabot

Senior Consultant


I bring a bi-cultural background and 16 years of experience in multi-national marketing companies to drive cultural transformation and business shifts in your organisation. My approach integrates a consulting and coaching method to effect integral and sustainable transformation around strategic objectives.

Alexandra de Navacelle

Senior Consultant

Marielle picture

My drive is to support leaders in becoming the best version of themselves, as they impact their teams, their organizations and ultimately the world, by bringing them my passion for human development and consciousness – which will be vital skills to meet the challenges ahead of us.

Marielle Behrmann

Senior Consultant

Rebekka picture

I am commited to enable people in organizations working more effectively and satisfyingly every day. My signature is the pragmatic interweaving of different thought schools and approaches, combining the best of both the “traditional” and the “new” world, and making sure solutions fit to the people they are built with and for.

Rebekka Manos

Senior consultant

Yvane Piolet

For me, the framework and freedom are intimately linked and it is this search for complementarity between the two that drives me in my work.
The framework provides clarity in the meaning given to the work, in the ways people work together and in their roles.
And thanks to it, everyone can fully develop themselves, show creativity and challenge the system to improve continuously.

Yvane Piolet

Senior consultant

Dino Bendiab

Senior consultant

Alexis picture

What drives me is to be able to help companies to evolve towards more collective awareness and intelligence. I apply my project management skills to make projects move forward, providing reliability and strong support.

Alexis Guillotin


I am driven by supporting companies to implement new ways of working, to place human at the core of the organisation and using « business as a force for good ».

Julienne Ung

Project Manager

At Fabric I enjoy working with inspiring people. I bring my enthusiasm and energy into each project I have the responsibility to follow and bring into life. I love creating great teamwork by building trusting relationships and by listening to people’s concerns.

Meryem Hammoud

Project Manager

I’m dedicated to helping teams find the most efficient and agile ways to work so individuals can thrive and explore their full potential, by providing support through thoughtful project management and educational engineering.

Constance Debost

Project Manager

Diane Dubuc

Project Manager

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