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Adaptive Governance

Bring your company to the next level – self-organisation

The challenges you may be facing

“We would like to develop transversality and collaboration across the company so the teams truly synchronise efficiently, but we are stuck in silos.”
“In our complex business, perimeters are unclear and we have on-going tensions on who is in charge of what.”


Reengineer your teams into self-organised, purpose driven groups with clear roles.

Teams of up to 15 people.

4 months including 2 days training, 2 months shadow coaching and 1 day retrospective.

Tools and methods:
Holacracy and Sociocracy tools, coaching.

“How it is organised…”

“How it is organised..”

Adaptive Governance is a transformation programme that designs the organisation you need to fulfil your purpose, and more importantly it maintains this optimal roles structure by evolving over time. We have taken elements from Agile and Holacracy methodologies together with our own experience from change management and organisational development and created a programme that prove high return on investment.

How we work
1. Diagnosis: Assessment of the team to address their concerns and meet them where they are.
2. Build: Defining the higher purpose and the roles required to fulfil it (practicing the meetings formats Operations, Strategy, Governance and Regulation meetings).
3. Run: Facilitating and shadowing coach during 8 to 10 meetings and ending with retrospection to assess the transformation made.

Case Study
Multinational IT Company

The challenge
This 50M€ IT project was bogged down in politics, red tape, and silos mentalities that threatened the future of the company. Everyone’s calendar was wall to wall with meetings, yet nothing was getting done, at least not before 18:00. The project team had to find a new way of working to bring the project dramatically forward.

The solution
The transversal team that managed the project fulltime took the first step of organising themselves using the basics of Holacracy: clarifying their higher purpose and the roles required for it. The roles were no more based on the hierarchy in place but completely reviewed on centered on the project. Most importantly, a “power shift” was made: not only everyone’s role was now crystal clear, coherent and aligned with the goal, but real accountability was distributed in the roles, empowering everyone to take initiative without being ruled out by a boss, and giving to the teams (circles) the concrete tools to self-manage.

In each circle, operations synchronisation and decision-making was now made in meetings in a clear manner, with an elected facilitator focusing the quality and the performance of every meeting process. Once these new ways of working were ingrained in the group after 6 weeks with Fabric coaching and shadowing, new circles were created around the first group, inviting other actors into the process, despite many of them still enmeshed in their traditional hierarchical matrix structure.

A declared overall performance increase of 25% after 18 month based on the following effects
Empowerment and initiative at every level thanks to clear roles, no overlap, people know who does what
Better resources management by integration of key actors at early stage in the process
Better risk management thanks to “tensions processing” methods
Less meetings, more ecient ones
Better synchronization and operational coordination
Better working climate

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