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Level-up your teams

The challenges you may be facing

“I need to scale out what we have just experimented in our collaborative forum.
Can I do a ‘train the trainer’?”
“How do I wean myself from consultants and leverage the talents in my teams to bring
about change?”


Train key change agents in your company as facilitators to transform your organisation from the inside.

Sessions of up to 20 participants.

Over the course of 6 months; 2-day training, 4 individual coaching sessions, 2 co-development sessions, 1-day retrospective.

Tools and methods: Art of Hosting, Facilitation of 6 types of meetings (Operations, Governance, Creativity, Regulation, Retrospection and Strategy).

“How it is organised…”

“How it is organized..”

The biggest challenge to move to a post-conventional organisation is a company’s capacity to devote time and resources to fostering the change from inside. For this, the critical mass is required.

To anchor the change required, specific skills must be brought in-house:

  • How to run specific types of meetings (Operations, Governance, Creativity, Regulation, Retrospection and Strategy)?
  • How to run collaborative events and processes such as Forums and Hackathons, using Collective Intelligence methodologies?
  • How to create new roles using Holacracy inspired tools?
  • How to fulfil the role of facilitator in a meeting or event?

Training these facilitators throughout your organisation is a key ingredient for success in post-conventional organisations.

Case Study
Multinational pharmaceutical company

The challenge
The European launch of the new strategy was a success during the annual event, after co-designing and co-facilitating the event with Fabric using collaborative methods. The executive teams of each country had taken one giant step forward both in terms of understanding, willingness to work together and transversal projects set in motion. Now everyone was convinced that these new ways of working were the key to disseminating quickly, and affordably, the new operational strategy in each country, but how?

The solution
Fabric designed a 2-day crash programme in designing and facilitating events, and asked for pairs of volunteers from the different countries which were then vetted by the local CEO. During the training, each pair also had the opportunity to sketch a preliminary design of their national event, taking into account their local context, and share with their colleagues. After returning to their country, they could then benefit from 3 levels of support: a simple hotline, a co-design where they had the responsibility for delivery, and full support from us where we not only co-designed but also were available to co-facilitate with them when required.

In 90 days, 7 out of 9 countries were able to launch their local event, using the facilitation technics learnt during the training.
An ad hoc community of facilitators has been established to help each other out and learn.
These newly trained facilitators have in many cases begun to apply the facilitation technics to over 20 other events within their national organisation.

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