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The challenges you may be facing

“How to mobilise everyone on our strategy and boost our transformation?”
“How to inoculate collective intelligence in the company culture?”


Create the critical mass and the emotional tipping point to move your organisation forward.

From 30 to 700 people.

1 to 3-day forums, preceded by up to 3 months of preparation tools and methods: Collective Intelligence, Art of Hosting, Hackathons, Lean Start-up methodology, Open Forums, Late Nite Art, Mindfulness, sport, and key notes.

“How it is organised…”

“How it is organized..”

Case Study
Multinational construction company

The challenge
The new CEO of this billion euro subsidiary of a large construction company had his hands full. After one year of setting in motion his new strategy, getting the cautious buy-in of his management committee, and sharing with them the virtues of Servant Leadership, he worried that people were not “getting it”. The new strategy required that business lines and countries work together in a new manner in order to create value, moving away from a products only company to service company that was truly customer centric. He saw no cross-entity initiatives and and the same command-control mentality that is often found in this type of industry. His annual event was coming up and he wanted to do things differently.

The solution
Fabric began with an online survey of future participants to help the CEO and especially the management committee what was the state of mind and expectations of their managers. The initial debrief of this event created a common alignment amongst the executive team and allowed them to meet the participants concerns. The management committee became aware of its need to support initiatives coming from their managers and change their posture.

The 2-day forum of 230 participants had only 60 minutes of plenary presentations. The rest of the time was spent in collaborative workshops to gain a shared understanding, identify challenges and do problem solving. Top management was present in the room and actively supporting by removing roadblocks identified by participants.

Full buy-in of the transformation programme by 95% of participants, as demonstrated by a survey after the event
The creating of 8 workstreams which identified concrete actions before leaving the forum, 6 of which were still meeting 4 months later
The beginning of the transformation of the management committee who subsequently undertook a team coaching with Fabric to help them through a new way of working together

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