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Learning Expedition

Learning from those who have re-invented themselves
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The challenges you may be facing

“We are interested in post-conventional organisations, but we would like to see what it
means concretely. For instance how do self-organised teams work?”

“We would like to know what is at the edge in terms of innovative ways of


Bring your team on a highly inspirational field trip to discover the most innovative post-conventional organisations and build the new ideas to invent your company’s future.

Teams up to 20 participants.

From ½ day to 3 days.

Tools and methods:
Visits in your area, your country or internationally.

“How it is organised…”

“How it is organized..”

Tremendous innovations in management practices are occurring throughout the world at this very moment – in small companies, multinationals, start ups and civil society organisations. They are experimenting with new ways of working adapted to a more complex world. We have developed a large European network of actors leading transformative initiative at different scales and who are willing to meet with you.
On the basis of your business and organisation challenges we design and prepare a Learning Expedition to enable your team thinking out of the box and be challenged.

How we work

  • Team workshop: Ecosystem analysis and definition of Learning Expedition objectives.
  • Selection of companies on basis of criteria (technology orientation, company culture, management practices, business size).
  • Trip planning including visited companies preparation in order to optimise learning potential.
  • Visit (1-2 days) incl. shop floor visits, employee interviews, keynotes presentations, debriefing and coaching to draw learning.
  • Strategic workshop within 2 weeks after the Learning Expedition to review challenges and opportunities.
  • Production of a Learning Expedition synthesis with key learnings and next steps.

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Case Study
Stockholm management innovation

Why Sweden?
Sweden is the birthplace of many successful innovative companies, both large multinationals and smaller agile start-ups, specifically within new technology, social and digital innovation. The society is known for being open-minded, have low power structures, value gender equality, human rights and sustainability – qualities that has shaped the business culture.

Theme “Living Organisations”
On our LearnEx August 2018 we were visiting, what we call, “Living organisations” in Stockholm. What defines them is that they work towards self-management, purpose-centricity and wholeness.

The program
The program included visits to small, middle and large size organisations, consultancies with significant clients within the field and suppliers of “emotional wellbeing” supporting the companies’ transformations. Within the program we offered as well debriefing sessions, mindfulness sessions and social time with the speakers.

For more information visit Sweden and Canada

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