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Mindful Coaching

Connecting your individual purpose to the organisation’s

The challenges you may be facing

“How to release power and develop empowerment skills when our DNA is based on classical
top-down leadership?”

“I have begun to put into place the processes needed to succeed, but how do I ensure that
my team ‘get’s it’?”


Helping individuals and teams make their own inner transformation.

Managers and teams of up to 15 people.

3 months including 6-10 coaching sessions per person, and 3 team coaching sessions.

Tools and methods:
CCTI, Cardio coherence, Holistic coaching.

“How it is organised…”

“How it is organized..”

Mindful Coaching is essential to ensure the internal transformation required to operate in a post-conventional organisation. As we increase our self-awareness and implement new behaviours, we unlock our inner limits to change and grow our capacity to lead and impact. The coaching process help you align with your purpose. The way we connect our individual purpose with the team’s and the organisation’s is probably the single most important ingredient of success.

Our experienced team of coaches has worked with hundreds of managers, executives and teams. Our approach: setting in motion the positive behaviours that increase one’s energy to accelerate change.

Case Study
Mobile retail business leader in France

The challenge
The software managing the national supply chain from shops sales to production was obsolete. A dedicated project team composed of IT and supply chain functions was created to renovate this application and integrate new features enabling an higher overall performance based on a simpler user experience for the sales people. Simply put, the IT had to develop it on the basis of the supply chain requirements. But this 48M€ project was slowed down by strong internal tensions among the project team; the internal client-supplier relationship architecture did not function and more transversal cooperation was needed to develop a relevant product. Adaptive Governance program was implemented, but despite a boost of efficiency, the strong individual tensions in the team continuously showed up, eventually creating risk of burn-out and the impression that the project might simply not reach an end.

The solution
A Coaching program was implemented parallel to Adaptive Governance in order to support managers shifting from a “command and control” mindset to a “empowering and leading” mindset. Indeed, for some managers, despite their motivation to evolve towards self-organisation, years of experience in the pyramid architecture has created unconscious bias and habits. In addition, mediation sessions were offered for the project team, IT and supply chain managers in order to offer them a safe space to work on their professional relationship. This program has been instrumental to increase the self-awareness of their inner scenarios at play, and maintain among the team a constructive spirit throughout the project, despite strong systemic tensions within the company. The project team managed to overcome its crisis, and the project was successfully carried out in time and budget with respect for all people involved.

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