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Our bio

Mickael Drouard

Co-founder, Senior Consultant

Mickael’s driver is to work for the “soul of organisations”. He believes that we can and must learn new ways of working to be more intelligent as a collective – “companies who know how to tap in that potential and serve a transformation purpose are those who will lead the 21st century”.

Mickael has worked extensively with organisations and groups over the last 20 years, leading changes and developing methods from the early stages of the “collective intelligence era”. He was among the first to develop Holacracy in Europe and has been over the last 10 years a key actor to bring collaborative new ways of working in major companies, contributing to evolve their managerial operating system.

With an international career in Scandinavia, Switzerland, China, France and Belgium where he lives, Mickael has developed a strong cross-cultural mindset that enables to reach out to people over many context and embark them in a transformation journey with inspiration and enthusiasm.

Mickael has developed Adaptive Governance

Eric-Axel Zimmer

Co-founder, Senior Consultant

As an organisational development consultant with over ten years of experience, Axel designs and leads collaborative processes for companies to help them transition into more resilient and adapted organizations.

His approach is based on combining design thinking, collective intelligence and holocracy inspired methodologies to tackle tricky operational challenges, that often require creative problem-solving while managing group dynamics.

Axel has worked with over 30 publicly traded companies on 70+ projects and have worked on 4 continents and have founded and managed three companies with over ten employees over the last twenty years.

Axel is Canadian, Belgian and American, living in France, giving him strong multicultural communication skills.

Marielle Behrmann

Partner, Trainer/Coach

For over 20 years Marielle’s purpose has been to contribute to managers development, as they play a key role for change. In her role as a consultant, trainer and coach her posture has been to support leaders to be the best version of themselves; by improved alignment, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, mental health (well-being/resilience), and efficient ways of leading and creating results with their teams.

As a manager and coach for Dale Carnegie Training during ten years, and as a senior organisational development consultant, Marielle has trained and coached hundreds of leaders and teams in the public and private sectors in Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Marielle holds a Master in Psychology, and degrees in Rhetoric and Marketing. She is a licenced HeartMath Provider, ICF Accredited Coach and Certified Integral Facilitator.

Marielle is Swedish, lives in Belgium, and works in English.

Winoc Deleplanque

Senior Consultant

After beginning his career in mass distribution, Winoc became an entrepreneur. He has founded two companies: a web platform and then a consulting company specialised in change management.

He became a coach in 2003, and developed his expertise in team coaching, convinced that it is the best place to make a real contribution. He is an expert in the Human Element® by Will Schutz and in Systemic Method. His approach combines his deep understanding of the individual and collective transformation dynamics, along with his long experience of team coaching in many different fields.

He has worked with top-level managers who believe that having a unified and joined-up team is an absolute necessity for the success of their Change projects and to embody a federative, stimulating and successful managerial culture.

Member of the French Coaching Association (SF Coach®), he also leads the GEP training courses dedicated to team coaching.

Yvane Piolet

Senior Consultant

Yvane has worked for fifteen years in the field of new technologies (smart card, mobile telephony and digital television), in export sales, marketing, project management, business
intelligence and corporate strategy for different international companies.
Throughout her international career, she used her entrepreneurial mindset and her embodied collaborative way of working to create new internal processes, develop innovative
products/services and challenge the strategy of the company in which she was working.
In 2012, she started to develop her own consulting and facilitation business in creativity and innovation. She uses innovative approaches such as Design Thinking, Creative Problem
Solving and Lego Serious Play combined with inspiration from Holacracy to boost the groups dynamics.

Yvane is graduated from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux with a third-year program in Syracuse University, New York State. She has also a creativity training certificate from the
University Paris V Rene Descartes and she followed in 2017 an Holacracy practitioner training program.

Pierre-Louis de Rohan

Senior Consultant

After having started his career working as a consultant in strategy and organisation, Pierre-Louis decided to focus on the « soft side » of change being convinced that resistance to change lies as much if not more in emotional processes than in rational processes.

Fort the last 10 years, he has developed change management approaches based on collaboration, efficient communication and creativity.

Graduated as a professional coach and trained in systemic approach, he combines individual skills and collective dynamics focusing as much on the journey (process, learnings, relations) as on the destination (objectives, results, impacts).

Pierre-Louis has lead change programs in both public and private sector and in multicultural organisations.

Alexandra de Navacelle

Senior Consultant

Bicultural (American and French) Alexandra worked for 16 years in New York for large international companies (Colgate Palmolive, American Express and Unilever) in marketing positions (product and brand management) and more recently in consulting on organizational change and business alignment.  During 5 years of consulting at Unilever, she oversaw the training of the marketing, sales and finance teams on new collaborative work processes and business tools. She has thus developed a solid understanding of the specific resistance to change in large companies with strong cultures.  She has a leadership coaching certification and has been trained in Appreciative Inquiry (IFAI), Mindfulness Stress Reduction (MBSR), Theory U and other programs focused on mindset and behavior change and facilitation with collective intelligence tools. She is passionate about the process of culture and organizational transformation in companies.

Alexandre Koroleff

Senior Consultant

Alexandre has worked as a management consultant since 2005, initially at a leading management consulting firm, before becoming an executive coach and launching his own boutique in 2012. Passionate about team dynamics and advanced management practices, he can work both at the individual and group levels. Alexandre has also extensively used MBTI and the Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQi) in his client work. His coaching training take roots in Systemic and Transactional Analysis, as well as in Will Schutz’s Human Element. His initial training is in political sciences, economics and finance and he spent the first seven years of his career in banking. 

Alexandre has worked and lived in France, Singapore, the UK and Poland. He graduated from Sciences-Po Paris, where he is now a lecturer in Management, and holds an MBA from INSEAD. 

Hélène Dercourt

Senior Consultant

Hélène believes that current worldwide trends and the ensuing transformation of companies to adapt, will require a deep cultural change to render employees more autonomous. Driven by the need for more freedom, individuals are seeking to find their own place and to become more responsible. Helene’s vocation is to drive each person to find his own strengths, but also his weaknesses and fragility to become stronger as an individual and as part of a team.

Hélène graduated from CIFFOP and ESSEC Business School. She previously worked for the French Red Cross, and from 1996 to 2006, she created and managed the individual coaching & development team up to 52 people, at Altran Group. Hélène is a mediator (Institut Armedis), a supervisor and a trainer at Osiris Conseil. She has been a coach since 2006, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Hélène works with top managers and their teams to bring them to a greater awareness of who they are and what they want to embody.

Sylvie-Nuria Noguer

Senior Consultant

Sylvie-Nuria’s work focuses on an integral approach to business transformation, aligning each contribution at individual, collective and organizational levels toward a shared vision. 

With over 25 years of professional experience in consulting and training services in sustainable development and leadership, both in Europe and in North America, Sylvie-Nuria has a deep knowledge of various industrial cultures and backgrounds at international level.

She is a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation and an accredited mediator by the Institute of arbitration and mediation of Canada. Her practice is inspired by NonViolent Communication, Agile Profile®, negotiation and mediation. As a seasoned facilitator, she uses various collaborative approaches to foster sound individual and group decision-making.

Sylvie-Nuria holds an engineer degree from Arts et Métiers ParisTech with a minor in social psychology. She also holds a Master’s degree in business administration, a Master’s degree in environmental engineering and management, and a Mediator University degree. She has French and Canadian nationality.

Chloé Calmette

Project manager

After an academic background in project management and international management within several universities in France and abroad; England, Peru, Canada, Alexis began his career as Event Manager at UNESCO, organizing international conferences and cultural events. Then he spent few years in a privately held agency organising shows and exhibitions across the world. He then discovered collective intelligence practices and new ways of working by joining a consulting firm specialized in transformation and agility. Alexis joined the Fabric team in 2018 as the Operations Director.

Alexis Guillotin


After an academic background in project management and international management within several universities in France and abroad; England, Peru, Canada, Alexis began his career as Event Manager at UNESCO, organizing international conferences and cultural events. Then he spent few years in a privately held agency organising shows and exhibitions across the world. He then discovered collective intelligence practices and new ways of working by joining a consulting firm specialized in transformation and agility. Alexis joined the Fabric team in 2018 as the Operations Director.

Julienne Ung

Project manager

Graduated from the IUT of Sceaux and with a Master degree in Human and social sciences, Julienne has developed technical expertise in project management within agencies and advertisers such as Moët Hennessy Diageo and Orange. Convinced of the importance and the strength of collective intelligence, she worked for a consulting company specialised in accelerating transformation and developing agility during the last 5 years. Julienne joined Fabric as a project manager to keep supporting companies to implement new ways of working and to place human at the core of the organisation.

Constance Debost

Project manager

After a first Master Degree in Marketing at NEOMA Business School, Constance studied Design Thinking and Collective Intelligence at Audencia during her Advanced Master’s Degree.
She developed project management skills when working for international companies such as Paramount or Audemars Piguet, before joining a top consulting agency in Paris. She worked on both short-term and long-term missions, involving educational engineering and events planning, for companies such as L’Oréal, GRDF, Carrefour…
She joined Fabric in late 2020 as a project manager to support organisations on their way to find agility and self-governance. Believing in the impact of storytelling and representations in media and pop culture, Constance is also a podcast speaker specialized in those topics, and has been featured in 50+ podcast shows over the past three years as well as on French national radio.